iQbanq Blogs & U

What is an iQbanq blog? It’s a great way to keep people up to date with your little corner of the world. What is an iQU page? It is a great way to say hi!

iQbanq Blogs

A blog is an ongoing log on a topic that interests you. It is perfect if you’re interested in say, horses. Your blog could contain photos about your horse, stories about going to horse shows or any other piece of information you could possibly share about horses.

Does my iQbanq Blog have to be about a certain topic? Of course not! In fact many bloggers don’t have a set topic, rather they just share bits and pieces from their everyday lives. It’s fine either way. The main thing to keep in mind is, have fun!

iQU Pages

This isn’t much different than a blog, accept, well it is only one page. This is great if you, say, like horses but you don’t really love them. This will give you a chance to put together a highly focused page with all the information you can. Pages are great because they allow you to share an interest without the need to manage a blog.