New Darth Vader Star Wars Hoodie

As you can see from this latest post I am on a Darth Vader kick. Well he sure beats out General Grievous and a long list of other lame villians in the new trilogy. And no I don’t count the five seconds of Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader into the whole Darth Vader sphere.

Here is an added bonus for you if you’re a big Darth Vader fan and the Star Wars hoodie didn’t get you your fix. And yes I know it isn’t a hoodie. 😉

Darth Vader - Art print
Darth Vader – Art by starwars
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Cartoon Stormtrooper Star Wars Hoodie

This Star Wars hoodie was so out of the ordinary, so different that I couldn’t resist sharing it. Normally you think of Stormtroopers as… I don’t know a deadly infantry unit. This cartoon Stormtrooper puts other ideas in your head. All around cool design.

Red Star Vintage Hoodie

Truly trendy vintage hoodie.