I Love Pixels Vintage Hoodie

This vintage hoodie is great, it plays on the often over used “love” design that was popularized in the 80’s by the marketing campaign in NY. Some of you may remember the original that I am talking about. 😉

New Darth Vader Star Wars Hoodie

As you can see from this latest post I am on a Darth Vader kick. Well he sure beats out General Grievous and a long list of other lame villians in the new trilogy. And no I don’t count the five seconds of Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader into the whole Darth Vader sphere.

Here is an added bonus for you if you’re a big Darth Vader fan and the Star Wars hoodie didn’t get you your fix. And yes I know it isn’t a hoodie. 😉

Darth Vader - Art print
Darth Vader – Art by starwars
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Cartoon Stormtrooper Star Wars Hoodie

This Star Wars hoodie was so out of the ordinary, so different that I couldn’t resist sharing it. Normally you think of Stormtroopers as… I don’t know a deadly infantry unit. This cartoon Stormtrooper puts other ideas in your head. All around cool design.