Lion of Judah Zip Hoodie

Here is a pretty cool Lion of Judah zip hoodie I found. I know I haven’t put that many zip hoodies on the site, mainly because I haven’t found that many. And when I stop and think about it, I actually don’t have that many either. So what is up? Aren’t zip hoodies that popular or don’t they make that many zip hoodies in general? I have to make it my mission now to go out and find some more cool zip hoodies for you.

Hand2Hand Ent Hoodie

Here is a really cool embroidered hoodie. And while it really doesn’t fit into the hoodies that I have recently posted for you to drool over it has a remarkable style to it. And you know that is the reason to this blog. Sharing the coolest hoodies out there. So lets hear it for the Hand2Hand hoodie.