Top Hat Skull Hoodie

Take your pick this skull hoodie is perfect for any number of activities, anything from skating, smoking cigars or playing poker. You could even do all three at the same time in this skull hoodie to look extra cool. Ok, maybe that is a little bit extreme, but then extreme skull hoodies require extreme measures!

Pi Rates Graphic Hoodie

Pi Rate White shirt
Pi Rate White by Detourdesignables
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Poker Hoodies, and the comments they bring!

So I recently posted some of the poker hoodies I thought were worth making the list. Not too long after that I saw that there was a ton of spam all looking for the topic poker. It is pretty crazy that they would come onto a blog dedicated to every and all things hoodies and spam it full of poker related garbage. But oh well, WordPress does a good job of keeping it out, my hat of to you, and I could just delete it. So you don’t have to worry. You’ll keep getting the coolest hoodies I can find and your posts won’t have to compete with junk comments.

I still plan to post the poker and gambling hoodies that I find. The topic is pretty popular right now and they have been some really cool graphic hoodies out there on the topic. If you happen to find one that isn’t found here on the blog feel free to drop a comment with a link and I will add. 🙂