Q: What is iQbanq?

A: iQbanq is a unique way for people just like you to start blogging. iQbanq’s one of a kind model allows us to let any one, even those that are new to blog start up a blog and be up and running in a matter of minutes. Many people have already found out how easy it is and you can to. Sign Up today.

Q: How do I get an account on iQbanq?

A: That’s easy, just go to the Sign Up page and fill out the short form and hit submit. When asked for your Referral Code enter it and you’re done.

Q: How do I get a Referral Code?

A: As the name suggests you have to be referred by another iQbanq user. When you get an account on iQbanq you will be given 10 Referral Codes, which you may use how ever you like. Everyone that you refer will also get ten codes, and well you can see how that goes.

Q: I don’t know another iQbanq user, can I still get a code?

A: No, unfortunately not. We only allow new account creation through our referral system. This cuts down on the amount of “illegitimate” accounts that get created on other networks.

By using the referral system we are able to give our users the highest quality of service they deserve. This also ensures that the iQbanq brand will maintain the high level of quality that our users have some to know and love over the years.

Q: But I really want in. Can you give me one?

A: No, we do not make any exceptions on the referral system.

Q: I have used up all of my Referral Codes, can I get more?

A: No, at this time each account only comes with 10 Referral Codes. This ensures that we can maintain the highest level of user satisfaction for all users on the network.

Q: How many blogs can I make?

A: As many as you like. In fact the more the merrier. However, users that create more than 50 blogs may begin to see advertisement appearing periodically on their newer blogs. This is done to cover operational costs and will not interfere with their blogs.

Q: Can pay to have the advertisement removed?

A: At this time iQbanq is a free service and we do not plan to offer paid accounts. See the previous question for more information about advertisement.

Q: What is the difference between a iQbanq Blog and iQU?

A: iQbanq Blogs are just that, blogs. They give you the opportunity to create a blog about any topic you like and keep your readers up-to-date.

An iQU page is about you. These are one page websites that give you the opportunity to create a highly focused site that covers a topic indepthly but in less detail as a blog.

You can learn more about the two types here and here.

Q: Which one should I create?

A: That is entirely up to your own personal preferences. Why not try one of both and see which one you like better. You are not limited to the amount of iQbanq Blogs or iQU pages you can create.

Q: How do I create an iQbanq Blog/iQU page?

A: Once you’ve logged into your account you will see a button that corresponds to the appropriate type of page. Click on the button and you will be walked through the creation process.

Q: Help my blog has been deleted!

A: While this is very rare, we will on occasion be forced to remove a blog or iQU page from our system. The reason for this is always a violation to our TOS. Please review our TOS to ensure that your future blogs or pages are within the TOS.

Q: One last question. How can I get a Referral Code?

A: We get this one a lot. Referral Codes are only available from other iQbanq users. If you know an iQbanq member ask them for a code. If you don’t know a member just be patient you will soon. Our user base is growing everyday at phenomenal rates!